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She was born in Halkida, Greece, where she lives and works. Since she was a child she had a talent for the arts, which led her to study at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Being always in the mood of finding new and different techniques of expression while working as a teacher of art in Greeks schools…

   She has exhibited in solo exhibitions in many cities of Greece, California and Europe and many projects are in museums and private collections. She has been awarded many times. She has also participated in art exhibitions abroad. Moreover, she has often painted posters for major cultural events and performances.

She has received  remarkable reviews and praise from renowned artists and critics Greeks and foreigners. she has also been invited and considered by the national media, radio and television programs. Additionally, she has been invited and considered by the Greek and foreign national media, press, television programs, radio, magazines.

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Light and Colour


Nude Art

I wish I could communicate the same “language” with the whole world through my work. 

A secret language that exists where we cannot imagine!

But would this be enough?

Katerina Mourouzi Markou

Γραμματοσημο ΕΛΤΑ