“… so the expressionism had considerably touched Katerinas’ Mourouzi Markou soul, who creates the right creation of Art with courage, vigor and daring, with the use of the light and rich colors..”

Vasos Kountouridis
Historical- Cretan Art and member of A.I.C.A.

“Katerinas Markou painting certifies her high level and the remarkable evolution of her plastic searches…
Her right feeling of color led her in bold results…”

Manos Stefanidis
Historical- Curator of National Gallery


“…Katerina, you wonderful accomplish to tread into the colors and shapes…. and to conquer each time a new art dimension.”
To Katerina who I thank and to whom I believe

John Mitrakas
Painter Artist

“Congratulations, you have found your way!! (You have all the potential)… out of any influence.. With your fruitful reflection…”

Spyros Fokas

…the excellence of the whole combination, shows the maturity of the artist’s work leading the viewer to search…
Kostas Ioannidis
President of Marikas’ Kotopouli museum

“…Always windward in the wave of our Aegean, with the color promises of love from our Katerina..”

Dimitris Gousis
G.E.N. fleet Admiral P.N.

“..I can see in Katerinas’ paintings the original, personal and human grandeur of the artist…”

Dimitris Katsikopoulos
prefect of Achaia

“…it is an enjoyment, traveling on seas into the paintings of Katerinas’ Mourouzi Markou…”

Ionian Governor Captain P.N

“…admiring Katerinas’ Markou work was a kind of present for me, one year before retirement from the Navy…”

P. Kanellopoulos

“…on the occasion of the current naval week, I must express my pleasure from the quality of K.Markou painting..”

D. Neofutos
Governor of 5th PEDILS