SO LO exhibitions

2017   City Hall of Maroussi in Athens

2017   In  Vallejo ,California,   event

2015 Athens Deliolanis

2014  Lousy Hotel Chalkis

2014   Art Monaco  on the French Riviera

2013   Linus Gallery in Los Angeles, /Foreign Images Online Exhibition Up 
For Viewing  Artist Katerina Mourouzi- 
Markou, ”Impulse 2’’

2012 Hotel Lucy, Chalkis

2011 Mercedes branch /Marousi – Athens

2010 4th International biennale, Beijing

2010 Peju Napa Valley, California

2009 International Mail-Art / Aristotle University of  Thessaloniki

2009 Red House, Chalkis Euboea

2009 Silicon Valley, California, Solo Exhibition

2008 San Francisco California

2008 Vafopoulio Thessaloniki

2007 Larissa “Chatzigianneio”

2006, Arsakio – Patra (organized by Greek Navy)

2006  Greek Pentagon “AVEROF” organization
(rewarded with 
medal by head of Greek Navy D.Gousis)

2005 “Malliaris  Education” publications, Salonika

2004 Seeking the Olympic Idea

2003 City Hall Chalkis

2002 Greek-French  Link at Kolonaki, Athens
museum VORRE

2001 City Hall Chalkis 

2000 Delphi-Greece

2000 City Hall Arahova

1999 Friends of John Hall Association Skarimbas

1998 Larissa – Hatzigianneio 

1998 Thessaloniki Greece center Stylianou Nikolaidi

1996 Gallery “Antinor” Athens

1993 Art Place “Evmaros” Athens

1992 Public Library of Chalkis

1991  Gallery ” Time” Kolonaki Athens

1990 Hall Bouzianis Athens Cultural Centre of
Organise by Asantour Baharian

1990 Municipal Theatre of Kallithea – Athens

1989 Public Center “EL GRECO” – Athens

1989 Public Library of Chalkis

1988 Gallery “Plaka” Athens Center

1986 Public Library of Chalkis Gallery



GROUP exhibitions


2010 Beijing, China, 4th international Biennale

2007 E.E.T.E.  Athens -Greece

1999 Thessaloniki

1987 “Levels” Kolonaki Athens

1985 Chalkis

1984 Chalkis



Katerina’s paintings are also present at:

The Marika Kotopouli Museum

The Museum of Chalkis Municipal Central Library

The Museum of Mytilene

The Skarimbas friends’ Museum

The Vafopoulio Cultural Center of Salonica

The Larissa Chatzigianneio Museum

The Cultural Center of Municipality of Athens

The Pentagon Navy Museum

The Kaiser Hospital, Walnut Creek, California

The Greek Orthodox Church, Concord , California (charity auction)

The Lions Club International, California

The Various public galleries at USA,Germany and Greece

….and to many private paintings collections.


Katerina Mourouzi has also created 2 portraits of “test-pap” inventor G.Papanikolaou.

One of them was asked to be placed at the city hall of Kymi, Evia

Papanikolaou museum Kimi Evia Greece

Katerina Mourouzi has also created 2 portraits of test-pap inventor G.Papanikolaou.